All projects and challenges as of 24.09.2021 15:30

Base Light in QGIS

Next gen open source GIS

Dark, Light and Vivid

Reusable swisstopo Light Base Map style variations made with MapTiler Customize tool and open source editor

Lane count / road type detection

Extract road features from aerial imagery leveraging machine learning

Lost in the mountains

To find your way back: Check planned user route / Find fastest/steepest path / Find safest path

Map of Commuter Flows in Switzerland


Support swisstopo style in spatial data package platform.


Get a 3D mesh of any place in the world using MapTiler.

Solar potential in Switzerland

Leverage the open geo data to provide a "platform" to evaluate photovoltaic potential at different levels


Boilerplate code for a website showing the swisstopo light base map


Detect pedestrian crossings (or other persistent structures) in the SWISSIMAGE 10 cm dataset.