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It is nice to meet your friends for walking and grilling. The surge of outdoor activity is good for public health, but it has become even harder to coordinate safe grilling opportunities while not going hungry. Which outdoor grilling spots exist in your vicinity, and how busy are they at the moment when you plan to cook and eat?

💡 Idea

Start with beautiful, detailed trail maps of Switzerland using the Swisstopo data. We could invite users to add the following location data:

  • where a grill spot is on the trail system (fire icon)
  • if it is being grilled at (lit fire icon)
  • how many people are there (number)
  • if there is a permanent metal grill there (grill icon)
  • if wood is available (replenished pile)

This could be encouraged by posting QR codes at the spots for logon and logoff. You could only log occupancy if your location service was on and indicated the spot where the grill was. There could also be a function to indicate if a second group was nearby waiting to use the grill afterwards. This prevents people reserving spots way ahead but at the same time helps let others see what is occupied so they can try to find an available spot without trekking somewhere and being disappointed and hungry.


Firepits near Lucerne with data from OpenStreetMap shown on the new GeoAdmin map.


Screenshot of the only "Brätlistelle" we could find ...


Relevant data layers hosted at Swisstopo include:

On OpenStreetMap:

Help wanted:

  • Overlay of Fire Current situation
  • Forest Fire Danger

Prior art

Fire mapping

Contributing to OSM

An easy and well supported way right now to add an object to OSM is using StreetComplete, pictured below, which you can download at Google Play Store.

See further instructions on contributing to OSM at

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