Support swisstopo style in spatial data package platform.

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Going vector is a big step for the official land survey of 🇨🇭. We are usually working in a Leaflet based environment and would like to explore how to add VT based sources and work on potential forks of the official swisstopo style that are more suited as background for heavy data viz applications in a light and a dark variant.

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Making 🇨🇭 maps useable for data viz.

Work in progress on using Swisstopo Vector Tiles in a Leaflet environment and data viz ready styles.

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To-Do-s: - reclassify areas landuse / landcover (e.g. zoo) - add public interest places (e.g. hospital, school) - display public transport stops - add switch-on/-off layer of POI (e.g. restaurants, etc) - integration OSM-Swisstopo? - define update frequency for POI - change fonts: zoom-out: Open Sans, zoom-in: Zilla Slab, cities bold - reorganize layer logic - clean-up colour code area mess

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