Dark, Light and Vivid

Reusable swisstopo Light Base Map style variations made with MapTiler Customize tool and open source editor

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Creation of swisstopo Light Base Map was started by the idea of having a simple, yet powerful map for overlaying additional data. As swisstopo pointed out:

“The Light Base Map is a background map to provide a foreground theme with optimal spatial orientation. The graphic design of this web map, based on vector tiles technology, is therefore unobtrusive with reduced content.”

To make maps even more attractive for end-users, MapTiler developed a series of presets based on the new swisstopo style, including Dark Mode, Grayscale, and Vivid. The first two are a perfect choice for overlaying own datasets while Vivid is an unofficial style inspired by the traditional Swiss national topographic maps.


LBM Standard: https://cloud.maptiler.com/customize/#ch-swisstopo-lbm/

Vivid: https://cloud.maptiler.com/customize/#ch-swisstopo-lbm-vivid/

Dark: https://cloud.maptiler.com/customize/#ch-swisstopo-lbm-dark/

Grey: https://cloud.maptiler.com/customize/#ch-swisstopo-lbm-grey/

The swisstopo dataset includes town names in all four official languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. You can set the map to show town labels in the language used in each place or set the whole map to use your preferred language. Alternatively, the map language can be changed based on the end-users preferences.

Additional basic changes like selection of label’s font can be done in the Customize tool, with advanced changes like colors’ change can be done in the Edit tool.

Plan further development related to self-hosting the swisstopo data and custom styles on your own server. Easy to deploy ZIPs that can be dragged and dropped into MapTiler Server. MapTiler Server installs quickly and runs natively on Windows, Mac, OS, and through Docker. Will give you the ability to serve swisstopo maps w/ custom styles as raster tiles and WMTS from your own infrastructure. Coming very soon!

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